About Iceless Ice Rinks

An iceless ice rink is a skating rink that uses a sheet of synthetic ice to allow people to ice skate on its surface no matter what the temperature around the rink is. An iceless ice rink is a miracle of modern materials engineering and while the technology is far from a perfect substitute for actual ice rinks, the fact is that many ice skaters find that these rinks are quite useful for a number of purposes, whether it’s a simple day out on the ice despite the temperatures or practicing for professional or amateur sporting events, be they hockey, figure skating or speed skating.

Making a synthetic ice rink is not the easiest task and construction of these ice rinks can easily become a highly complicated matter. At its core, most of these in door ice rinks consist of several panels of thin surface material, usually in the sheet sizes of typical building materials such as wood or sheet metal. This surface material is usually a type of substance known as high density polyethylene, also called HDPE. This material is used in most of these ice rinks, and have been in relatively wide spread use since around the 1980s, though similar products have been in use since the 1960s, derived from developments from the DuPont corporation that were invented in the early 1950s.

However, newer innovations in materials sciences have led to a new type of material, known ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, also known as UHMW-PE. Newer synthetic ice rinks made of this material have sprouted up in recent years, though the materials technology is taking some time to proliferate further down the ladder of cost to value ratio. Still, this technology is quite promising and offers the best ice skating experience that can be had without actual ice. The new plastic formula behind UHMW-PE has a very low friction level coefficient, with a coefficient level ranging between only 10 to 15 percent higher than actual ice. Basically what this means is that while ice naturally gives very little resistance to objects and people moving across it, which is why the best way to move across it is with something that works best with no resistance, this new type of plastic resists movement across it with only 10 to 15 percent greater resistance than real ice.

However, even the most impressive plastic ice does have some downsides. First of all, more effort is required to skate across the surface of these plastic products. Additionally, plastic ice wears out skates much faster than real ice, requiring they be sharpened sooner, sometimes calling for resharpening after only half an hour. Additionally, these rinks produce a high number of plastic shavings and noticeable abrasions in the plastic ice. This is seldom a serious practical concern, but most ice rink owners will find themselves having to clean the ice more often. Despite these downsides, this type of ice rink is a newer method of enabling ice skating that can be done in places where natural ice is impossible, without the cost of refrigeration.

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Portable Ice Rinks

Why You Should Think About Renting Portable Ice Rinks For Your Child’s Birthday

If you’ve ever wanted to give your children a birthday party to remember, but not spend way too much money, something you might consider doing is an ice skating party. Whether you decide to go to the ice skating rink in your city, or rent portable ice rinks this can be a game changing party that all of the other kids will talk about for eternity. You’ll want to go all out for the entire theme to get the most from your party, here are a few tips.

Start With Ice Skating Birthday Party Invitations

You’ll want to get everyone’s attention, some kids get invited to a lot of parties and the invitations get misplaced. But, if you print them up on your computer with an ice rink in the image, you’re bound to get a good response. Plus, if you are going to a real arena with real ice, they’ll need to dress accordingly. You might even want to make “fake” tickets to place inside for more fun.

You can check the local rinks, they almost all have a party plan, where you’ll get a discount if you bring a certain number of skaters. They might even have a cake and ice cream package that will allow you to use their eating area to have the party. This is a huge plus because you won’t have to clean your house before and after the party.

You might also inquire about having a hot chocolate bar for all of your kids, that will help warm them up when they get chilled, and it can be done for very little cost if you have access to a large commercial coffee maker.

For an outside or inside real ice rink, they’ll be more comfortable if they have warm clothes, mittens, and maybe a stocking cap to keep them warm.

There Are Portable Artificial Ice Rinks For Rent Too

These are fantastic for several reasons. Since there is no real ice the cost savings can be substantial plus there is no water or refrigeration needed, so no large electric bill either. These portable rinks can be made in almost any size desired, as they are constructed with 4′ X 8′ sections, you only need to specify how large you want it.

They can be made inside or outside, depending on your wishes, but the area must be flat, like a gymnasium, parking lot, tennis court, or whatever, just as long as it’s flat. The artificial ice is very realistic and has the real skating feel of a frozen lake or pond.

Some of the great iceless rink birthday party packages come with a railing, 50+ pairs of skates, lighting, and a small tent for outdoor use. You should check with some of the local portable ice rinks rental companies for their packages to be sure. Some will even come with a DJ and music for an extra charge. If you want your kids to have a memorable birthday, this is it.

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Ice Rink Rental Services

Helpful Tips When Looking At Ice Rink Rental Services

Whether you are renting out an entire ice skating rink with ready made ice or you want something portable that comes to you, today you will find many options available. One of the more unique ice rink rentals is the use of synthetic ice that is portable and can be placed on just about any flat surface. If you are having a party, what better way to entertain your guests than to have an ice skating party at home.

You may not be familiar with these portable ice skating rinks but once you see how they are set up in person, you’re going to want to have one for your party. Since portability is the main attraction to renting these types of rinks, it is important that you deal with the right company. Some companies just do it much better and have more experience dealing with synthetic style ice rinks.

Many ice rink rental companies offer and entire package where they include more than just the rink itself. You can get it set up to accommodate all of your guests in an entertaining fashion with lots of lots and music playing in the background. Any kid who has one of these ice skating parties at home is sure to be a huge hit once he or she heads back to school.

In addition to renting out the rink, it is important that the package also comes with ice skates. Some companies even have instructors there to help give lessons so guests can enjoy themselves without constantly slipping and falling down. After all it is a party and it would no fun if people were to get hurt.

With a synthetic ice rink it is much safer than regular ice because you are dealing with a surface that is hard and slippery. Guests can relax and just enjoy the fun as they skate around to lights and music.

To get a feel for these types of ice rinks, check out some of the websites out there that offer these services. Most people are not familiar with synthetic ice rink surfaces which is too bad because it can be a fun party experience. When you look at the different websites make sure that they offer the type of ice surface you desire.

Most ice rink rental companies will do all the work for you. This means that they will set up the surface, provide perimeter area where people can safely put on their skates and also take of their shoes. If you order a full package it usually comes with a stage that can be used for a DJ or a band. The ice rink company should be there at all times to monitor the everything to ensure the surface is intact and people are having a great time.

Make sure you shop around to get the best deal and also take some time to read online reviews to see which companies offer the best ice rink packages. Follow these tips and then go out and have some fun on a portable ice rink!

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